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Do we pay brands to love us?

Think of your favourite brand right now.

Did you think of a person, a thing, some food? Doesn’t matter, I don’t care what it was – I care why it was – let me explain.

It’s a warm summer morning in July and I manage to leave the house early. There are exactly 4 Pret a Manger’s in close range on my way to the station, two Caffé Nero’s, a couple o’ Starbucks’ and the odd Costa. There’s also a Nurture, several indie-joints and a stand-alone Scotties. I’m spoilt. But I’m also loyal. Pret, take my money!

Pret is the dogs. I’ve ‘Pretted’ all over London and far outside of it and I get the exact same service every time. Friendly, fast and forward-thinking. Free house-baked baguette with my soup, a guaranteed sleeve for my Americano and enough staff that I’m well attended to without feeling smothered.

I don’t need my name endearingly misspelt on my cup to feel wanted here, I get that from the accommodating cashiers who thank me for waiting.

I like the quirky tone-of-voice on every product, for example, a subtle note on my bottle of water says: “best when chilled (as indeed we all are)” (ha!) And I don’t bother with checking the date on my salad because it was made today.

Pret cares.

I’m loyal but I’m not close-minded. I’ll sometimes go elsewhere, prefer the coffee there, geek out on the décor and blend in with the hipsters – but I’ll always come “home”.

TL: DR – Brands – Make me feel your love and I’m forever yours.

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