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Do we pay brands to love us?


Think of your favourite brand right now. Did you think of a person, a thing, some food? Doesn’t matter, I don’t care what it was – I care why it was – let me explain. It’s a warm summer morning in July and I manage to leave the house early. […]

Is ‘Digital’ more of a C-word than a D-word?

digital marketing

It’s very easy to confuse Digital Marketing with its peers like Developing, Designing or even (frustratingly), IT Support – but you’ll always be forgiven because digital marketing intercepts those things a fair bit. In digital, it’s not uncommon to be branding, analysing, proof-reading and strategising in a single morning. It’s […]

6 reasons I’ll never read your blog!

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Yesterday, I popped into Marketing Week Live & Insights at Kensington Olympia in time to catch Tim Fidgeon talk about Psychology for Digital Marketing. 45-mins of great insight into how the elements of ‘thought’ and ‘feel’ contradict much of how we engage as consumers. It got me thinking about how I willfully buy overpriced treasures […]

9 reasons I swiped left (…on your website)

Website? Check! Content? Check! Images? Check, again. Since you know your website is your best online asset, you also probably know that just like in not-online life, first impressions count. And unlike an uncomfortable first day at a new job where your too-high heels cause you to grimace your way through the day (but […]