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17 examples of ‘contras’ in Digital Marketing

By definition, a contra deal (or contra agreement) is where a business will exchange their own goods and/or services for the goods and/or services of another, typically without the exchange of money.

Because of what you and your business could gain.

In digital, you have access to targeted online traffic. That, is your golden ticket to potential collaborators’ whose audiences are the key to expanding your reach in an efficient yet cost-effective way.

Your bartering skills are only as effective as what you have to leverage!

To be able to negotiate, you need to understand your strengths and what you have available to you. You also need to be careful not to underplay those strengths; realise how valuable your product is before accepting the first offer!

So, what exactly can you use as digital real-estate?

1) Advertising budget (Google Adwords, social media marketing)

2) Competitions (giveaways, free gifts)

3) Contact details (addresses, telephone numbers, age)

4) Data collection (cookies, targeting, re-marketing)

5) Digital staff (designers, developers, videographers)

6) Industry know-how (advice, networking, connections)

7) Newsletter database (targeted mail-outs)

8) Online reviews (TrustPilot, Feefo)

9) Recommendations/endorsements (on LinkedIn etc.)

10) Respected writers (authority content, guest bloggers)

11) SEO clout (domain authority, link building)

12) Social media following (popularity, growth)

13) Sponsorship opportunities (exposure)

14) Testimonials (marketing materials) 

15) Webinars (reach)

16) Website domain name (brand relevance)

17) Website traffic (exposure, branding, banner advertising)

I hope this list helps you uncover some of the less obvious gems hiding in your digital product… Can you think of any other examples?

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Martina is a Digital Marketing consultant, developing cross-channel techniques since 2010. This blog explores industry developments with real-life application.