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Is ‘Digital’ more of a C-word than a D-word?

digital marketing

It’s very easy to confuse Digital Marketing with its peers like Developing, Designing or even (frustratingly), IT Support – but you’ll always be forgiven because digital marketing intercepts those things a fair bit. In digital, it’s not uncommon to be branding, analysing, proof-reading and strategising in a single morning. It’s […]

6 reasons I’ll never read your blog!

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Yesterday, I popped into Marketing Week Live & Insights at Kensington Olympia in time to catch Tim Fidgeon talk about Psychology for Digital Marketing. 45-mins of great insight into how the elements of ‘thought’ and ‘feel’ contradict much of how we engage as consumers. It got me thinking about how I willfully buy overpriced treasures […]

If email were a food…

email marketing

Ever cooked lobster? Me neither. It looks ridiculously intimidating. However, if you can master it, lobster is one of those dishes that makes a meal extremely noteworthy – and is probably why it’s the most expensive thing on most menus! Email is the same. It’s tantamount to effective marketing when […]